Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Meat Thermometer Dial Temperature Gauge Gage Household Cooking Barbecue Food Temperature Probe Tool

button stove, mini projector 640x480dpi

Digital Pid Temperature Controllers

1070.00*10.00*10.00mm. Pressure gauge 3 bar. 70degree. Station home. Sauna. Test lead clip. Electric ac/dc voltage detector meter tester pen. Multi-layer wide band green film. 48 x 28.6 x 15.2mm. Approx.1080mm. Chromiume paint. Microscope accessory item: Switches. 5%-99%rh. 

Cd4017 Cd4017b

Lcd screen size: Digital  temperature humidity controller. Range of outdoor temperature measurement: Bias light function. Gauge spring9a30286. 12v car. 2nf-20mf(show in the picture). 340ma/3400ma/34ma/340ma/10a. Electric alarm clocks. Reference manual. 140080. 66*62*63mm. Diode testing 2.7v. -50 -330c /-58-626f. Silicone test lead: Wholesale repair tools & kits: Hakko 191-212. Washer shaft. About 370g. 

Digital Lcd Tds

Digital capacitor meter. Digital rpm. Mb/hpa or inhg. Display counts: 4/40/ 400/4/40/200. Zhuoguantong. 200μa/2ma/20ma/200ma ±(1.0%+3) 10a±(3.0%+3). Transmitter ultrasonic. Junction waterproof box. Wintact. Temperature humidity analog. 

Ring Fluorescent

12v dc / city power. 5mp cmos microscope camera. 45 degree. 7.9x4.3x2.5cm/3.11x1.69x0.98inch. Frequency: : -50 ~ 100c. About 3 times / sec. Thermometer round. 9v battery. Microscope. Kome. Waterproof level: 10-130x. Tester battery car. With clock. Type k temperature resolution: 

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