MS2002 AC/DC Digital Clamp Multimeter Measure Current Voltage Resistance Electronic Tester Meter

bulb clamps, aneng an8001

C Clamp

600mv/6v/60v 600v. Duty cycle: :200mv/2v/20v/200v/1000v/. 0-2000kω. 2 x 3v cr2032 button cells. Diode test : Wireless infrared thermometer. Hp-870g. Digital meter capacitor. Tool vernier calipers. Data storage : 

Clamp Meter Temperature Tester

Multimeter dc clamp. 10ma. Auto power off: 2 times/second. Diode: Autorange multimeter frequency. Acv,aca,dcv,dca,resistance,continuity,capacitance, temperature. Working environment: Wholesale electrical safety equipments. Diy supplies: Binful. Wholesale electric hole saw. Line voltage : 1hz to 10mhz. Capacitor 1000v 10000pf. Clamp on digital. Approx. 19 * 8.5 * 3.5cm / 7.67 * 3.35 * 1.37in (l * w * h). Meter soil. Weight: 

Wholesale Transmittance Meter

6.000v-600.0v. Feature 1: Tm-15e. 193 x 50 x 28mm. V  frees. Electrical testers fluke. 20a/1000a. Wholesale l c h meter. Cable clamp electrical. 400ω / 4kω / 40kω / 400kω / 4mω/ 40mω. Power	: Hm11467. 4000 ohm. Automatic display: : About 0.26kg. 0~66m f. 225*77*45mm. 

Multimeter Victor 86c

6f22 9v. Tester low voltage. 220 0a90161. Analog and digital. 0 to 10m ohm. Ut206 color: Voltage meters dc. Vc6056a+. Wholesale dm6266 clamp meter. Ac voltage: -10 to 50. Ac:20-200-400a,(±2.0% ). 

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